Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Confessions

Happy Friday!  Even though I was off on Tuesday for Veterans Day, this has felt like the longest week ever.  Maybe because it felt like it had two Mondays?  Anyway, I'm so thankful it's Friday! 

Now let's confess, shall we?

I almost wanted another baby yesterday.  (Almost.) After seeing some pictures of Aniston as a baby on Time Hop, then having my blogger feed full of pregnancy updates and announcements, I admit I had a moment when it seemed like it could be a good idea. 

I really do need to blog more often, if for nothing other than to have a place to write all of Aniston's antics.  We're constantly in stitches over stuff she says and does.  She says she's asking Santa for a unicorn for Christmas.  When we asked if she meant a stuffed animal, she replied, "Nope.  One that flies."  Good luck, Santa.

I feel a little panicky when I see all the pictures of Christmas trees and decorations on Facebook and Instagram.  Even though I'm a stickler for waiting until after Thanksgiving, I feel behind already after looking at everyone's pictures.  Which leads me to...

Even though I vowed I would do Christmas shopping early this year, I haven't bought a single gift yet.  Not one. 

I was so excited when a colleague mentioned this to me today!  Oh, Starbucks.  You've made my weekend already. 

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