Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Random Tuesday Post

Things have been going well here lately.  We've been busy, but happy, and that's what counts. :)  I'm learning (slowly) to cut myself some slack in several different areas.  I tend to be a little OCD at times and give some things more attention than they really deserve or need, and I've realized that I probably need to stop.  I've been making a conscious effort to do that.  I'm also making more of an effort to focus on the really important things.  I hate to use the phrase, "Don't sweat the small stuff," but it sums up what I've been trying to do.  I'm finding balance in my life (which is something I've always struggled with), and I'm happier than I've been in a long time (or possibly ever).  It's nice.

Aniston has a cold, and has been pretty miserable for a few days.  We realized she was a little 'off' after lunch on Sunday when she kept crying over little things or for no reason at all.  Sure enough, she started running a fever yesterday.  Today, I had planned to leave her with my dad, but she was so pitiful this morning.  She cried and begged for me to stay, and that's what I ended up doing.  I always feel so guilty when I take a day off work, but I'm thankful I did.  She came first today, just like she always should. 

I just can't stop thinking about how blessed B and I are.  Aniston is rarely sick, and has only had the typical childhood illnesses--never anything major.  I'm so, so thankful to have a healthy child.  She seems to be feeling a bit better this evening, and I hope she's back to 100% soon! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Our Weekend

It's been over a month since I last wrote a blog post.  I've taken an unintentional break from blogging lately.  I love writing, and I love to document all we're doing through the blog, but, unfortunately, it's always the first thing to go when I'm short on time. 

And isn't everyone short on time these days?  Sigh.

 It seems like there's always something that just has to be done.  Most days, I feel like I'm barely keeping up with just the regular day to day stuff.  And anything extra--like blogging, reading for fun, catching up on tv shows on the DVR, and such?  Forget about it.  I've tried to use the weekends to catch up on cleaning and laundry, but that doesn't leave much time for fun either.

This weekend, I decided I was going to forget that and just go with it.  Who needs a spotless house, anyway?

Friday night, B's band had a gig, so Aniston and I were on our own.  Not wanting to cook since it was just us, I introduced her to the joy of having cereal for dinner.  Since she loves cereal as much as her mama, she thought it was fabulous and such a treat!  Afterwards, we had a movie night and watched Pocahontas II for the third time in the last week.  (I'm not a fan of that movie at all, by the way.  Pocahontas ends up with John Rolfe, not John Smith, and I'm just disappointed even though I understand that it's somewhat historically accurate.) (At one point last week, B and I discussed Pocahontas II.  Because our lives are just that exciting.)  

My mom came to visit on Saturday morning for the purpose of giving Aniston an Elsa dress that she just knew she would love.  She, along with a couple of other ladies she works with--all grandmothers, mind you--giddily bought these dresses for the little girls in their lives on Friday night.  I'm fairly certain that her giddiness was completely due to the fact that, a) the dress sings, and b) the dress would not be kept at her house.  Aniston, of course, loved it and played the song no less than fifty times in the span of an hour. 

We ruined her life later on that day when we told her she had to take the dress off to go grocery shopping.  (Being three is hard, you know.) 

We had lots of family time on Sunday, which was so nice.  We went out to lunch, then to a saltwater fish store.  We added two fish to our aquarium, and I'm crossing my fingers that they make it.  We spent the rest of the evening relaxing at home and visiting with my grandparents. 

It was a really great weekend. :)