Sunday, January 11, 2015

Our Weekend: A Different Kind of Sunday

Last week was the first week back to school after Christmas break, and it seemed to last forever.  I was so glad to see the weekend finally arrive!  B's band had a gig Friday night, so Aniston and I were on our own.  We spent the evening at home, ate cereal for dinner (as strange as it sounds, it's one of our favorite things to do when it's just the two of us!), and watched The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning.  While none of that is very blog-worthy, it's something I want to remember.  Some of my favorite times with Aniston are the simplest.

After waiting for a service call from Charter on Saturday morning (we've had internet issues forever, and it's getting ridiculous), we spent the rest of the day out and about.  We ran some errands and did a little shopping.  I didn't find anything for myself, even though I went with the intention of buying lots of things.  (Why does that always happen?!)

Today has been a different kind of Sunday.  It started out normal enough--B was playing bass at church, so he was up and gone before I got out of bed.  As I was getting ready, I got a text from him saying he wasn't feeling well at all (cue the different kind of Sunday part).  He's struggled with an ulcer and acid reflux for years, but it had been a long time since he'd had any issues...until today.  I'll be honest here, friends--my first thought after reading that text was not very nice.  I tend not to be a very sympathetic person.  In fact, I'm ashamed to admit that I'm often pretty selfish in situations like this.  But I've been working on being a better wife lately, and so I decided to approach today differently.  So (with a lot of prayer) I vowed I would be nothing but nice today (only in my mind, of course, because I'd never actually say that out loud).  Bless him, he still played for both services and, if I didn't know something was wrong, I wouldn't have been able to tell--which says a lot for him because I wouldn't have been able to do it.  (Not that I would be doing anything like that at all because I'm the least musically-inclined person I know, but you know what I mean.) (Aniston may be a close second in the non-musical race.  Poor baby seems to be a lot like her mama.)  B headed home after church, and I did my weekly grocery shopping with Aniston in tow...even though grocery shopping on Sunday is usually my 'me time' (that's sad, but true).  While he spent the rest of the day in bed, I kept Aniston entertained, did laundry, and cooked dinner.  I had planned to go to an essential oils party (even though I've been using oils for awhile, I always like to hear new ideas and ways to use them), but stayed home instead.  And I didn't complain about any of it.  I didn't roll my eyes or make snarky comments (and I l-o-v-e a good, well-delivered snarky comment) or anything all day.  And you know what?  I feel better because of it.  I learned several valuable lessons about kindness and such (honestly, things I knew already but often chose to push aside), and I may have even managed to improve my marriage in the span of a single afternoon.  Something wonderful really does happen when you willingly serve your spouse and put their needs before your own.  I'm always quick to put Aniston before myself, but when it comes to B, I can be embarrassingly selfish and demanding.  It's something I've been working on and praying about, and I think today was a step in the right direction.

Now it's Sunday night and I'm preparing for another week.  Our weekend wasn't exciting or perfect, and it most certainly didn't go as planned, but it was really good in its own way.  For that, I'm thankful. :)

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