Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's Day Weekend, Snow Days, and an OB Appointment

Over the weekend, B and I celebrated Valentine's Day with our sweet girl.  Rather than making the day about just the two of us, we made it all about her and the things she loves--lots of playing, then Mexican food at Mi Pueblitos and dessert at Sweet Frog.  Our day couldn't have been any better!


We spent Sunday at church and then a family lunch, followed by some grocery shopping in preparation for snow on Monday afternoon.  Monday was a teacher workday, so I spent time catching up on some things in my classroom and made it home just after the first flakes started falling. 

As a teacher, I'm pretty lucky as far as snow days go--if it's yucky outside, I don't have to go to work.  End of story.  B, on the other hand, is not so lucky.  Hospitals never close, and someone has to be there.  He was afraid that if he came home on Monday night, he wouldn't be able to make it back on Tuesday morning (which probably would have been the case, since we got more ice than snow).  He, along with lots of other people, made the decision to stay the night.  He spent the night on his office floor on an air mattress the hospital kindly provided.  (He had been thinking ahead and packed a bag that morning just in case.)  Aniston and I, meanwhile, were very snug at home and well taken care of by my parents.  We went to their house for dinner and enjoyed spending time with them and Eric.  B missed out on the icy fun on Tuesday, but Papa and Papaw made sure Aniston had her fill....which took all of ten minutes.  Ha!

Today was another snow day, and I had an OB appointment this afternoon.  (It was supposed to be yesterday, but the office was closed because of the weather.)  It was a long appointment, but a good one.  Since I'm considered high risk because of having preeclampsia last time, they did lots of tests and blood work to establish a baseline and we had another ultrasound as well.  The baby is measuring right on track, and has a strong heartbeat.  Everything is going well so far, and we're so thankful! 

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