Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happy Birthday, Aniston!

We have had so much fun celebrating Aniston's birthday today!  B and I both took the day off work to spend with her, and we let her choose what to do.

After breakfast, we headed to Concord.  If you give Aniston a choice of a hundred different toys, she will choose the stuffed animal every. single. time.  When we said she could choose something to do today, Build-a-Bear was what she came up with immediately on her own.  There's no better place for a stuffed animal lover than a place where you can build your own, dress it, name it, and cause your parents to nearly lose their sanity and a small fortune in the process. 

After much, much, MUCH debate, she chose a rainbow striped tiger that she swears is a kitty cat.  She picked out a birthday princess shirt for the tiger/kitty, a denim skirt with a sparkly hem, and a cotton candy scent.  Aniston named her Lullaby, which is a significant improvement over Chicken, who was created last summer at the beach.

She wanted to have barbecue for lunch and Sweet Frog for dessert, and we happily obliged.  She also loves to watch planes land at the airport, so we stopped by the overlook before coming home.  (Speaking of the overlook, it must be the place for moms to take their kids on sunny days.  Kids were everywhere, and some weren't being watched well at all.  Case in point, one little girl kept coming over to us and finally tried to sit on B's lap--which, of course, he immediately stopped her from doing and she moved on to some other people nearby.  The mom was clearly aware of all this, but just smiled and acted like she didn't care.  What are people thinking?!  I just don't understand.)

We had a small party for Aniston tonight with all the grandparents.  She'll have a party with friends and extended family on Sunday.

It was a wonderful day, and we had so much fun celebrating Aniston.  I can't believe our little girl is four!  We are so blessed to be her parents, and thank God for entrusting her to us every day. 

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