Friday, May 1, 2015

Baby #2: Anatomy Scan

Before we found out we were expecting this baby, I often thought about having a second child...even though we regularly said we were fine with just one.  Truthfully, I couldn't decide how I felt.  Would I be able to love another child as much as I love Aniston?  What if we had to go back to REACH--could we put ourselves through that again?  I even went as far as to wonder how I would feel if we didn't have to go to REACH.  If the second baby didn't require so many tears and so much heartache, would I feel that he or she was as special as Aniston?

I had mulled over these thoughts for a long time.  Then, on a random Thursday in January, a miracle I never expected showed up in the form of a pink line and, suddenly, I had my answers.

Yes, I could love another child just as much--even from the moment I knew she existed.  My heart immediately grew, and has continued to do so as I've fallen more in love with this baby by the day.  Part of what makes Aniston so special is how hard we fought to have her.  Part of what makes this baby so special is how easy and unexpected she was. Two complete opposites, but two complete blessings.

On Tuesday we learned that the newest member of our family is another little girl.  We're excited, and so very thankful that she is healthy.  The anatomy scan went well, and she measured perfectly--and one week ahead.  She has long legs and big feet...just like her big sister.  She constantly wiggles, and I'm able to feel her much more than I felt Aniston at this point.  We were able to get a picture of her sweet profile (something Aniston never cooperated for) and still can't believe how blessed we are.

Just like with Aniston, I wanted to choose names before we found out the gender.  B didn't understand the rush, but humored me and we had names ready before the appointment.  Our littlest girl is Harper Shea, and we can't wait to meet her in September.

Look at that little hand resting on her chest! 

 We had a gender reveal on Tuesday night with family and close friends.  So much fun!

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