Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Father's Day Letter

Dear B,

I never knew how much I loved you until I saw how much you love Aniston.  I realize that's a bit of a cliché, but it's true.  Even though I knew without a shadow of a doubt how much you would love our children, seeing your love every day is so much greater than I ever imagined. 

In Aniston's eyes, you are everything.  And so you should be--you're her daddy, and daddies are so very special, especially to little girls.  She thinks you're the best daddy in the world, and my heart feels so full every time she announces that to anyone who will listen.  She believes you can fix anything, and she's sure you know all the answers.  She looks to you for those fixes, those answers, and she'll continue to for the rest of her life.  I know that because, even now, I still look to my daddy for the same things.

You have such an important role in her life.  As much as I know it hurts your heart to even think about it, one day she'll be grown.  She will think about the characteristics she wants in a husband, and, all the while, she'll be thinking about you.  You will be the man every other is measured against.  She's watching you now, and she'll continue to as she grows up.  She's watching the way you love me, the way you love our family, the values and morals you have, your faith, and so much more.  It's all being filed away for later, and even the moments you think are insignificant will have an impact on who she is. 

The single most important thing you're doing--and will continue to do--in her life is to point her to Christ.  I'm so thankful she's growing up seeing you as the spiritual leader of our home.  I'm thankful that you're investing so much time with her in prayer and Bible study.  She loves that time of her day, and I love watching it. 

I am so proud of the daddy you are, B.  You are nothing short of amazing.  Aniston is so blessed to have you in her life...and Harper will be, too.  And me?  I'm blessed to be a part of it all.  I could not ask for a better person to have by my side as we share life and raise our family. 

Happy Father's Day!

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