Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Five

1| Another Year in the Books
We wrapped up another school year last Tuesday.  I've had nine classes of second graders in my career.  Students from my first class are now licensed drivers, which is kind of hard to believe since I don't feel a day older than when I met them at my classroom door on my very first day.  How is it possible that they're getting older and I'm staying the same?!

2| Big Changes Ahead
After nine wonderful years in second grade, I learned on Wednesday that I would be moving to third grade in August.  I'm excited for the change, and looking forward to the challenge of a new grade level.  What I'm not looking forward to is moving nine years worth of stuff!  I tried to move as much as possible on the teacher workdays, but there's so much more to move.  I'm planning to chip away at it slowly over the summer so I won't have so much to do in August when I return to school at 34 weeks pregnant (!).

3| OB Appointment
My 24 week OB appointment was last Thursday.  It took a long time for the doctor to get a heart rate because our littlest girl is such a mover.  As soon as she picked up the heart beat with the doppler, Harper would move or kick hard enough to cause the doppler to make a very loud popping sound.  The doctor laughed and said if that was any indication of Harper's personality, we were going to have our hands full with this one.  Her heart rate was in the high 150s, and I measured right on track.  We're thankful for a healthy, moving baby and the peace of mind we've had with this pregnancy.

4| Summer Break
This was the first week of summer break, and it was WONDERFUL.  I love teaching, but I love having the summer to spend with Aniston, too.  Just like every year, though, it has been a bit of an adjustment for her.  Every morning she asks, "Who's picking me up today?  Papaw or Papa?" and then fusses when I tell her she's staying home with me.  (Huge mommy confidence booster, right?  Ha!) 

5| Shopping and Sweet Frog
Aniston and I spent yesterday getting things ready for Father's Day.  We had lunch at Chick-fil-a and then did some shopping.  (If she makes it to Sunday without telling him what we bought, I'll be very, very surprised.)  We had the best time, and ended the day with Sweet Frog.


Have a  great weekend, y'all!

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