Friday, July 17, 2015

Five on Friday

1| Date Night
B and I were able to have an impromptu date night on Tuesday...and it was wonderful! I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for Wednesday morning (more on that tomorrow) and the great grands were planning to keep Aniston.  Since it was a morning appointment, they decided a sleepover was in order. (I'm pretty sure they love sleepovers more than Aniston. :))  After we dropped her off, we headed to Wild Wok for a yummy dinner.  We had such a good time, just the two of us.  As much as we love having Aniston with us, it's nice to have some time to reconnect every now and then. 

2| Preschool 
Aniston will start preschool in the fall, and I ordered her book bag this week.  (Monogrammed, of course, because how can a girl start preschool without a monogrammed book bag?!)  I can't believe we're at this point in life.  Where did my baby go?!  And when I think of her starting kindergarten next year?  No.

3| Back to School Sales
The back to school sales have started already.  While the smell of crayons and the freshness of new notebooks make my teacher heart happy, it also makes my heart feel a little fluttery.  When I see the ads, I can't help but remember the state of my classroom (er...classrooms at this point because my old room still isn't completely empty) and the disastrous mess waiting for me.  Shudder.

4| And Speaking of Sales...
Was anyone else hugely disappointed in Amazon's Prime Day and the Black Friday in July sales?  I couldn't find anything I couldn't live without, which was probably a good thing, but still.  Super disappointing after all the hype.

5| Blog Name
I've realized that, come September, this blog name isn't going to work anymore.  I've changed it several times over the years to fit whatever stage of life we've been in at the time, and now it's time for another change.  This time, I want to find something that will last through whatever changes or future additions (kidding, B, kidding...kind of) may come to our family.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?

And that's it for today, friends!  Have a great weekend, and check back tomorrow for a 30 weeks post!  (Eeek!)

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  1. THANK-YOU! i so agree with the monogrammed book bag thing. my smalls homeschool, but i have done monogrammed items for each of them, because homeschool or not, they are in school.
    my dancing darlin' has a monogrammed rack in roll for all her dance costumes.