Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Our Weekend: Fourth of July


We had a great weekend celebrating the Fourth!

B's mom's birthday is July 4, so we started our day by going out to breakfast with his parents.  Aniston was upset when she found out we weren't going to Bojangles (typical reaction for her--the girl loves Bojangles), but she quickly changed her tune when she realized pancakes, eggs, and sausage were involved. 

That night, we had a cookout with friends like we have the last several years.  It was a fun time filled with laughter, yummy food, and fireworks. Fireworks have never bothered Aniston before, but she didn't care for them at all this year.  She held her ears before they even started, and then insisted that I hold her ears.  She had the best time talking and singing because she thought her voice sounded funny since her ears were covered.

Sunday was filled with church, lunch with family, and doing some online shopping for Harper's nursery. Last week marked the beginning of the third trimester, and I'm eager to get her room finished.  

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