Saturday, August 1, 2015

Five on Friday

This week has been insanely busy for us...which is why my Five on Friday is really a Five on Saturday morning.

1| Outcry
B and I had the opportunity to go to an Outcry Tour concert on Monday night.  It featured Hillsong United, Jesus Culture, Crowder, and lots of other Christian artists.  We had a great time!  It was in Greensboro, which is around two hours away from us.  The concert was long, and we didn't get home until after 2am.  By the time I crawled into bed, I was beyond exhausted, and felt very, very old.  Ha!

2| School
I've spent a lot of time in my classroom lately.  I was hoping to finish this week so I could really enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer, but that was a pretty lofty goal and didn't happen.  I've made a lot of progress, though, and it's beginning to come together and doesn't feel quite as overwhelming anymore.  B, my parents, and my friend Brooke have helped a ton this week, and our church life group came on Thursday to help paint, too.  I'm so grateful to all of them because I definitely couldn't have done any of it on my own!

3| Harper
I had an OB appointment on Wednesday to check on Miss Harper.  Her heart rate was great, but I measured three to four weeks ahead.  This was a big jump from my last appointment two weeks earlier, so my doctor was concerned and wanted to schedule an ultrasound as soon as possible.  I went back on Thursday for that.  Thankfully, everything is fine!  They checked the amniotic fluid level, and it was normal--too much would have been a cause for concern.  I'm measuring ahead because Harper is measuring ahead.  I'm 32 weeks today, and on Thursday she measured just a little over 35 weeks.  According to the ultrasound, she already weighs 5lbs 1oz and her little feet are over two inches long.  She is extremely active (which I already knew) and has a head full of hair and chubby cheeks.  We were able to watch her yawn a huge yawn and wave her hands around.  We loved seeing her again, and are so, so thankful that everything is okay.  She's big, but healthy.  No one is concerned about her size at this point, especially since she's a scheduled c-section.  They're planning to keep a close check on her, and if I continue to measure ahead we'll probably have another ultrasound in four weeks.

4| Anniversary
We celebrated our ninth anniversary on Wednesday.  It was simple and low-key, but wonderful all the same.  We went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner...along with what seemed like the rest of the country.  Unbeknownst to us, we were married on National Cheesecake Day.  This ended up being both a blessing and a curse: our slices of cheesecake were half off, but we had to wait for a table for forty-five minutes on a Wednesday night.  Anyway, after I got over myself and stopped whining, we had a great time and the food was, as always, just heavenly.  We enjoyed spending time together, and left stuffed and happy.  (Also, the wait time as we were leaving?  Two and a half hours.  Insane.)

5| August
August is always a busy and expensive month for us (thanks to me going back to work and thinking that I can't live without new things for my classroom), and this year is going to be even more so as we get ready for Aniston to start preschool and Harper to arrive in September.  I'm determined to stick to a budget both time- and money-wise.  Let's hope this determination lasts for more than a day.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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