Friday, October 23, 2015

Five on Friday

1| At my post op appointment yesterday, my blood pressure was higher than it had been during my entire pregnancy with Harper.  My doctor attributed that to stress, and laughed as he imparted this little nugget of knowledge to me: "One plus one is a heck of a lot more than two when it comes to kids."  Amen, sir.  I feel that truer words have never been spoken. (Also, I edited his quote just a smidge.  His language was a bit more colorful.)

2| I'm a little OCD about germs in general, but add a newborn to the mix and I've reached a whole new level of worry.  B reminded me that Rick Grimes had a baby during a zombie apocalypse, and so there are worse things than having a baby in the fall.  It's all about perspective.  Ha!

3| I've only had to change clothes twice today because of spit up.  I'd call that winning, but it's only 5pm as I'm writing this.  The night is still young.

4| After much (much, MUCH) debate and indecision, Aniston is going to be Batgirl for Halloween.  She is in love with her costume and may never take it off.  Thankfully, she hasn't asked to wear it out of the house yet, but I'm afraid that's coming soon. 

5| I'm now the parent who drops off her child at preschool wearing yoga pants, a t-shirt, and no makeup.  Want to know what's even worse?  I often pick her up the same way.  That would have absolutely mortified me before Harper was born, but now?  It's just about survival, friends.

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