Thursday, November 19, 2015

Harper: Two Months

 Harper Shea, you are two months old!

You're growing so fast.  At your well check, you weighed 11 pounds 3 ounces (40th percentile) and were 22.5 inches long (35th percentile).  You are eating well (four ounces every three hours) and you're beginning to sleep better. 

You've had a difficult time lately.  The Zantac didn't help as much as we had hoped, and you're still having lots of issues with acid reflux and spitting up.  Dr. H switched you to Prevacid and told us to thicken your formula with rice cereal.  We're hoping that helps quickly.  It's so sad for us to watch you cry and be so uncomfortable after you eat.

You also have colic.  The hours between four and eight in the evening are not kind to us.  You go from happy to inconsolable in a matter of minutes, and continue to be until after eight.  It's a miserable time for everyone, and we hope this passes quickly--both for you and for us.

You smiled for the first time this month!  I leaned over your pack and play to pick you up one morning, and you gave me the sweetest little grin.  I absolutely melted.  You've smiled lots since then.  You're very stingy with those smiles, though, and make us work hard for them.  You've started cooing, too, and it's such a precious sound! 

You've lost some of your hair, but it's coming back in quickly.  Your eyes have continued to lighten, and are a bright, clear blue.  

You love to sit in your swing and talk to your birds and yourself in the mirror, but you don't care for the swinging motion at all.  You love bathtime, and are content to sit in the water as long as I'll let you most days.  You hate being buckled into your carseat, but love riding in the car, and it's becoming one of our favorite tricks for calming you.  

You love watching Aniston, but hate when she grabs your hand--which is very often, I'm afraid.  She loves you so much...even if you aren't quite sure about her sometimes. :)

You spend much more time awake now, and you're so alert, especially in the mornings.  We love watching you grown and change, and we're eager to see your little personality emerge.  

You're such a blessing, Harper, and we love you to pieces!

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