Monday, November 2, 2015

Our Weekend

It's a rainy, dreary Monday.  I would normally be a bit blah, but Harper slept for a solid six hours last night and, in doing so, has given me the sweet, sweet gift of feeling human again.  It's 9:30 as I'm writing this, and both girls have been fed and dressed.  I've dropped Aniston off at preschool and Harper is napping happily in her swing.  I've packed the dishwasher, started a load of laundry, and straightened the house.  It has been a successful morning so far, and, despite the yucky weather, things feel bright and happy.

Our weekend was busy and full of festivities.  On Friday morning, I went to Aniston's preschool for their Halloween party.  The kids were encouraged to wear their costumes to school, and they were so cute!  Unfortunately, we were only fifteen minutes into the party when Aniston got sick.  She has had such a hard time with allergies and congestion lately.  She had been too excited to eat breakfast, and the combination of all that yucky drainage and an empty stomach just didn't work.  Even though I knew that was more than likely the reason, I still didn't want to take a chance, so I took her home.  She missed the party and the hayride, and I was so disappointed for her.  She was perfectly fine after we got home, and we spent the afternoon playing.  After B got home, we went to dinner and had the best time.  We have two of the sweetest, most precious girls.

Saturday morning, I went to a holiday gift galleria with my friend Brooke.  We went to breakfast first, and then spent the morning shopping.  It was so nice to get away for a little while and just be me.  Every mama needs that now and then.  After I got home, B had to go to work for a bit to update a system and the girls and I headed to the mall.  I hadn't really planned to do that, but I had reward dollars that were going to expire plus a few really good coupons, and both girls needed some things.  That was an adventure, to say the least.  Aniston thought she needed everything in sight, and the things she didn't need, she thought Harper had to have.  After I finished my shopping, Aniston wanted to do some of her own since she had money from her grandparents.  Before she chose anything for herself, she picked out a soft stuffed monkey for Harper.  I just melted.  After lots of thought, she finally chose a big stuffed Sven--because another stuffed animal is exactly what we need in this house.

Saturday night was spent trick-or-treating with Batgirl and Minnie Mouse.

After church on Sunday (B went because he was part of the worship team, Aniston and I watched online because it's really, really hard to get two kids ready and out the door on time), we went to a birthday lunch for my Mamaw Ruth, who turns 91 today.  Aside from B and Aniston doing some grocery shopping late yesterday afternoon, the rest of our Sunday was spent spending time together at home.

It was a busy, fun weekend!

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