Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Harper: 3 Months

Sweet Harper Shea, you are three months old! One-fourth of your first year has already passed, and that's so hard for me to believe. 

It has been a busy month.  We celebrated your first Thanksgiving. I did a terrible job documenting that with pictures, but I promise to do better at Christmas!

I went back to work on November 30.  You stay with Papa during the day.  We're blessed to not have to put you in daycare right now.  You have such a special relationship with him already, and he is wrapped around your tiny finger.

You started cooing and babbling this month.  You talk to your daddy and Papa the most, and I'm a bit jealous of that. :)  You have the sweetest smile, and are the best little snuggle bug.  You're at your happiest when someone is holding you close.

 You were diagnosed with torticollis this month.  Your daddy and I had noticed you favored your right side no matter where you were or what you were doing, and Dr. H noticed it before I was even able to point it out at your two month well check on November 19.  The torticollis could be congenital, or it could be the result of how you were positioned in the womb or how you were delivered.  Regardless of how it came to be, we're working hard to correct it and the positional plagiocephaly that has come about because of it.  This means lots of things to do at home, as well as weekly physical therapy appointments.  You are not a fan of physical therapy in the least, and are determined to let everyone know exactly how you feel.  I'm pretty sure the entire office breathes a sigh of relief when we leave.  We're supposed to do hours of tummy time with you every day, and you hate that too.

You weigh a little over 13 pounds, and are around 25 inches long.  You are a chunky little thing  with the cutest little rolls on your thighs and arms.  Your squishy cheeks are perfectly kissable, and I could just eat you up!

You drink four ounces of formula every three hours.   You keep a very strict schedule--no skipping meals for you.  You went through a growth spurt, and for a while  this month you wanted six ounces before bed and for the first bottle the next morning.  You've slowed down now, though, and are back to your regular four.  You take your last bottle around 9:30 or 10:30, and sleep until around 6am.  I'm so thankful that you sleep well most nights--I'm not a person who can survive on little sleep, and I feel so much better than I did when you were waking every few hours.  You're still sleeping in the pack and play in our bedroom, and you'll probably be there for a while.  The Angel Care monitor gives me lots of peace of mind, but having you close is even better. 

Your little personality emerges more by the day.  You are quick to arch your eyebrows or give us your judgy baby face when you're skeptical about something.  You're a little more tolerant of Aniston's shenanigans lately, but you still don't like her to touch your hands.  You keep a close eye on her (that's probably a good idea) and respond to her voice.  You're still pretty demanding, and I'm afraid what the doctor deemed colic may just be, well, you.  Once you're mad about something, there's no changing your mind.  No amount of walking, rocking, or pacifiers can calm you down.  (Just ask the people at physical therapy.  Ha!)

You learned to blow bubbles this month, and you do it all. the. time.  I have to constantly keep a bib on you because your shirt will be soaked in no time if I don't.  This is especially true in the car because those silly bubbles are your preferred way of entertaining yourself.  By the time we reach our destination, your shirt will be wet all the way to your tummy.

You love bath time, and have recently learned to splash.  It still surprises you when you're able to do it, and it's hilarious to watch.  You've learned that you can squeal, and you think it's the most marvelous thing, especially when you first wake up.  It's the happiest little sound!

You are a blessing, precious girl, and we love you so very much!

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