Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Harper Shea

I've managed to be away from the blog for too long again, but this time I have the best excuse! 

Harper Shea arrived on Wednesday, September 16 at 8:02am.  She weighed 8lbs 12oz and was 20.5 inches long.  The past two weeks have been full of adjustments, but we're settling in nicely as a family of four.  In between feedings, diaper changes, and being a mommy to two sweet girls, I've been working on Harper's birth story.  I hope to finish it soon.  Until then, here are some pictures of our newest addition!


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Our Weekend: Eric and Chelsea's Wedding

Our weekend was busy, but so wonderful!

After years of dating, Eric and Chelsea were married on Saturday.  Chelsea had already asked me to be a bridesmaid and Eric was planning to ask B to be a groomsman when we found out we were expecting. Realizing I would be nine months pregnant at the time of the wedding, we decided that being in the wedding party probably wasn't the best idea.  We hated not being an active part of their special day, but, given the circumstances, were happy to watch from the sidelines.

The wedding was at a beautiful outdoor venue.  We were all afraid it would rain at some point, but, thankfully, that wasn't the case.  It was overcast, but dry, and things were able to go on as planned.

 Aniston was a flower girl, and loved every minute of it...even though she forgot to throw her flowers until after the wedding was over.  She took everything very seriously, and did much better than I expected her to as she stood with the bridesmaids. 

My dad was Eric's best man, and he escorted Aniston out after the ceremony.  It may have been the sweetest thing I've ever seen.


We had a great time at the reception, even though I spent most of the time sitting down. My belly doesn't really allow for much dancing these days, but B had a pretty precious partner as a fill-in. :)

Since Harper's due date is so close, my biggest fear was missing their wedding.  It was a beautiful day, and I'm so glad we were able to be there!

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Aniston started preschool this week.  The past four years have passed so quickly.  Our sweet girl is growing up much faster than we'd like, and it seems like we arrived at this milestone in the blink of an eye.  We've spent the last several months preparing for preschool.  We talked about it a lot, let her pick out a bookbag, and attended orientation.

When Tuesday arrived, Aniston was ready.  Her mama?  Not so much.

Since I'm a bit emotional these days anyway, and since sometimes Aniston and I have separation issues, B suggested he take her on the first day.  As much as it killed me not  to go, it was absolutely the best decision for us.  We said our goodbyes at home, gave each other special kisses in our palms, and I left with a huge lump in my throat.

I cried as I prayed for her day in the garage.  I cried on the way to work out of worry--What if she was scared?  Lonely?  Didn't like it?  I cried in the parking lot because my baby isn't a baby anymore and everything is changing this month, and I just don't know how to deal with that.

A little after 8:30, B called and I realized my tears and worry had been completely wasted.

Our girl bopped into her classroom without feeling the need to even tell her daddy bye.  There were no tears and no signs of hesitation on her part at all.  B sounded a bit incredulous as he relayed the events of the morning to me. 

She had a great first day, and every day since then has been the same.  She loves it, and I'm so happy for her.  We've spent every evening this week playing school, and it's so sweet to watch her.  She has put little pieces of tape on our rug to denote our spots for story time.  There are center signs on the walls.  We've been told to raise our hands if we have something to say, and if we want a snack we should say "yes, ma'am," when it's offered.  She's a little sponge, and she's taking it all in.

She can't wait to get there each morning.  Yesterday, B said the assistant got her out of the car, helped her put on her bookbag, and then Aniston ran to the door.  The teacher in me says she probably shouldn't be running, but the mama in me couldn't be happier.  She ran because she's excited to be there and can't wait to start her day, and I'm so thankful for that. 

She's going to have a great year!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Five on Friday

1| Busy, busy, busy
After a nearly three week break from the blog, I'm back!  I made it through a week of teacher workdays and two weeks of the new school year--whew!  We're off to a great start.  The days have been long and tiring--like they always are at the beginning of the year--because there's just so much to do after the students go home, but it has been great.  I love third grade, and I'm enjoying getting to know this group of kids. 

2| September
When we found out we were expecting in January, September seemed so far away--too far away to even fathom, really.  When I flipped the calendar page to September on Tuesday, I a) couldn't believe it, and b) couldn't believe how many things were written in the tiny squares already.  It's going to be a busy--but good--month!  Aniston starts preschool next week (more on that in a minute), Eric and Chelsea are getting married next weekend, and we're having a baby.  All of those things are exciting by themselves, but when you put them all together, that's a lot of life for just one month!

3| Preschool
Earlier in the summer, I mentioned we had enrolled Aniston in a half-day preschool program at a local church.  We really think it will be great for her, and we're excited to see her learn and grow this year.  She had orientation a few weeks ago, and I was so nervous for her.  I quickly realized there wasn't any need for me to worry, though, when she came to me (the parents were encouraged to stay to watch) and asked when B and I were leaving...and was pretty disappointed when I said we weren't.  Ha!  I hope that's a sign of good things to come.  Going to preschool for the first time and then welcoming a baby sister two weeks later is a lot of change for a four year old (and our little family).  I'm praying it all goes well.

4| Baby Update
Counting today, we're seventeen days and a morning away from meeting Harper Shea!  My appointments are weekly now, and everything is still going well.  My doctor had worried about my blood pressure going up when I went back to work, but, thankfully, that hasn't been the case.  She's still measuring ahead, but we haven't had an ultrasound lately so we're not really sure how big this little girl is going to be.  I can't believe we're this close!

5| And yet...
We're still not ready for her.  (Is anyone surprised by that?)  We're getting there, but we're just not quite ready yet.  There are still several things that need to be done or purchased, and hopefully we'll take care of most of those this weekend.  (Maybe.)  I do have a bag packed, and I'm pretty proud of that...since I didn't have one ready with Aniston and had to give our parents lists of things to bring to the hospital.  Harper's hospital things are ready, too, and I'm working on getting Aniston's stuff together for her nights with grandparents.  B installed Harper's carseat in my car earlier this week.  It's so strange to look back there and see two carseats!

Have a great (long!) weekend, friends! :)

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