Friday, October 23, 2015

Five on Friday

1| At my post op appointment yesterday, my blood pressure was higher than it had been during my entire pregnancy with Harper.  My doctor attributed that to stress, and laughed as he imparted this little nugget of knowledge to me: "One plus one is a heck of a lot more than two when it comes to kids."  Amen, sir.  I feel that truer words have never been spoken. (Also, I edited his quote just a smidge.  His language was a bit more colorful.)

2| I'm a little OCD about germs in general, but add a newborn to the mix and I've reached a whole new level of worry.  B reminded me that Rick Grimes had a baby during a zombie apocalypse, and so there are worse things than having a baby in the fall.  It's all about perspective.  Ha!

3| I've only had to change clothes twice today because of spit up.  I'd call that winning, but it's only 5pm as I'm writing this.  The night is still young.

4| After much (much, MUCH) debate and indecision, Aniston is going to be Batgirl for Halloween.  She is in love with her costume and may never take it off.  Thankfully, she hasn't asked to wear it out of the house yet, but I'm afraid that's coming soon. 

5| I'm now the parent who drops off her child at preschool wearing yoga pants, a t-shirt, and no makeup.  Want to know what's even worse?  I often pick her up the same way.  That would have absolutely mortified me before Harper was born, but now?  It's just about survival, friends.

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Harper: One Month

Sweet Harper Shea, you are ONE month old!   

Where has the last month gone?  It seems like just yesterday I was counting kicks as you bumped around in my belly.  The time is passing too quickly already.

You are the sweetest, most laid back baby. You love to be cuddled and are at your happiest when someone is holding you...which I gladly take advantage of.  Your daddy often says I'm spoiling you, but I say that's just nonsense.  You are the warmest, squishiest little thing, and I could snuggle you all day.   

You sleep a lot.  You had your days and nights mixed up for the first couple of weeks, but you're doing better now, thankfully.  Our middle of the night feedings are still our sweetest times.  Your eyes are big and wide, and you're content just to stare at me.

You're a great little eater.  At first, you were eating two ounces every two hours.  Over the last week or so, you've moved to four ounces every three hours.  You keep yourself on a pretty set schedule during the day, but will go for a longer stretch once each night--usually around four or five hours.  You have some reflux issues, and the pediatrician prescribed baby Zantac to help.

When we came home from the hospital, your weight had dropped to 7 pounds 14 ounces.  At your one month well check appointment today, you weighed 9 pounds.  (I had to look back at Aniston's one month stats just to compare, and she weighed 6 pounds, 4 ounces at one month old.  Such a difference!)  You measured 20.5 inches long still, but that may not be accurate.  You are a little wiggle worm, and the nurse had a really hard time measuring you.

You're still able to wear newborn clothing.  Your 3 month outfits still swim on you, but you're beginning to fill out a few of your 0-3 month outfits.  You recently graduated to size 1 diapers.

You snort when you cry, and it may be the cutest thing I've ever heard.  You don't cry very much, except when you're hungry.  You don't give us any warning at all, and you can go from sound asleep to absolutely ravenous and screaming in mere seconds.  You often sleep with your mouth slightly open.  You have several cute little things that are unique to you--you pull your bottom lip in all the time (we have an ultrasound of you doing this before you were born), you cross your pointer finger over your thumb, and you raise your eyebrows.  You make the cutest faces, and I can't wait to see you smile on purpose.

You have lots of dark hair (much more than Aniston had).  Your eyes are still dark, though they've recently started to lighten a bit.  I can't help but hope they're bright blue like your daddy's.  You have the most precious little cheeks, and I could kiss them for days.

Precious girl, you are such a blessing and we are so happy to have you in our family.  You've only been here a month, but it's hard to even remember life without you.  
You've made our little family so much more complete, and we love you so very much.  


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Living the Dream

 Life lately is busy and overwhelming at times, but so good.  I can't believe how quickly time is passing (Harper will be one month old on Friday!), and how I can't seem to get anything done other than caring for the girls even though I'm home all day.  I keep reminding myself that that's what I'm here for, and what maternity leave is supposed to be, but I can't help but look around at the end of the day and think, What did I do today?

I'm doing life, I suppose, and last weekend was a perfect example of that.

B went to a men's retreat right after work on Friday.  I knew it was coming up and I was supportive of him going, but that didn't make him leaving any easier.

The evening was crazy and it was after 9 when I realized that even though I fixed dinner for Aniston, I never got around to eating.  I popped a few mini egg rolls in the oven (dinner of champions, I know) and only managed to eat a couple of them before Harper was crying and Aniston was yelling for me from her bedroom.

Being completely on your own with a four year old and a newborn is not for the faint of heart.  I'm not sure how single parents do it, and I don't want to find out.   Ever.

After a rough night with Harper, Aniston was up with the sun as usual.  It was at this point that I realized that, as if I didn't have enough to deal with, Henry the guinea pig--bless his heart--had crossed the rainbow bridge and was already stiff in the bottom of his cage.  I texted B because I didn't know what to do because Aniston hadn't had to deal with death until then.  Of course, he didn't have a signal where he was so I did the next best thing--I called my mom and wheeled Henry's cage onto the back porch where he waited until Mom came to bury him in the rain.  (Have I mentioned how wonderful she is?) 

I explained things as well as I could to Aniston and told her Henry was no longer with us, to which she replied, "Uh, yeah he is.  I see him right there."  She then proceeded to give him a pep talk through the patio door which consisted of phrases like, "Don't give up, Henry!",  "You can do it, Henry!", and--my personal favorite--"Believe in yourself, Henry!"


It was a very heavy conversation for a Saturday morning after a night of little sleep.  If you ask Aniston about Henry now, she'll matter of factly tell you that he went to heaven but left his fur behind.  Bless.

I took care of everyone's needs, kept the peace, tried to hold onto my sanity, and changed clothes three times before noon because of spit up.

As I walked by a mirror, I caught a glimpse of myself and my third shirt choice of the day.  It's a shirt from church.

I would have laughed at the irony of it if I wasn't so close to crying at the time.  

But you know, it's the truth.  I am living the dream.  It's a chaotic, loud, overwhelming, rewarding, wonderful, amazing dream and it's better than I ever imagined.  It's not always easy, and there are tears at times (and sometimes lots of them, depending on the day) but it is so, so worth it.

Even in the craziest moments, I couldn't ask for more.