Friday, January 1, 2016

A New Year

2015 was very, very good for us.  We had the sweetest surprise in January when we found out we were expecting Harper, and her arrival in September was the highlight of our year.  Aniston has grown and changed.  It was a year of big changes for her, as she started preschool and became a big sister all in the same month, and she dealt with everything so well. 

2016 will be a fun year for our little family.  This year, B and I will celebrate ten years of marriage, Aniston will start kindergarten (how is that even possible?!), and Harper will turn one.  Time marches on, and, while I wish it would slow down a bit, I can't wait to see what this new year holds.

As I've said in years past, I love January 1.  Everything feels fresh, clean, and new.  365 days lie ahead of us, and the possibilities are endless.  

Rather than making a list of resolutions this year, I'm choosing a few areas of my life to focus on.

1| Spiritual Growth
When things get busy, my quiet time is the first thing to suffer.  It shouldn't be that way, and I'm determined to change that.  I also want this to be the year I read through the entire Bible.  I've started that in the past, but have never finished. 

2| Organization and Decluttering
I love being organized.  I crave it, in fact.  Over the last several months, though, things have kind of fallen by the wayside.  I need to get things back under control.  I'm planning to get rid of lots of clutter this year too.  We have so much stuff, and it's just not necessary.  I have drawers, closets, and cabinets that need to be purged, and the toy situation is an ongoing problem that needs to be solved. 

3| Balance
Someway, somehow, I have to find balance in my life this year.  Being a working mom and wife is hard, and I feel like I'm constantly juggling too many things.  I'm going to try to simplify things this year, and be intentional with my time and energy.  That's easier said than done, I know, but I'm going to give it my best effort. 

Here's to a great 2016!

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