Saturday, January 16, 2016

Harper: Four Months

Sweet Harper, you are four months old!

It has been a busy month here.  We celebrated your first Christmas and your first New Year.  In a moment of nostalgia, I found myself so sad that we were saying goodbye to your birth year.  Crazy, I know, but I felt as if somehow we were passing a milestone I didn't even expect.

The colic and acid reflux have eased (praise the Lord), and you are the happiest baby.  All those months of crying are now just a memory, and evenings are back to normal in our house.  I think all of us, even Aniston, took a collective sigh of relief when we realized things were getting better.  You are precious, but those hours of crying were certainly difficult.

You've had a couple of colds recently (a sad part of being a fall baby, I'm afraid), and you were diagnosed with your first ear infection on January 3.  We had to take both you and Aniston to the pediatrician on a Sunday morning.  Strangely enough, Aniston had her first ear infection that day, too.  We made it to four years old without an ear infection for her...and you didn't even make it to four months.  Bless.

You are still going to physical therapy to help with the torticollis.  Your therapist says you're doing well, and you're getting so much stronger.  Tummy time is still pretty miserable, but you do well if we prop you up a little and modify it.  

You weigh a little less than 14 pounds (you weighed 13 pounds 3 ounces on Jan. 3).  You love bath time, and you've recently discovered that you enjoy playing with toys.  You love watching Aniston, but still hate for her to grab your hand.  You use a paci, but you're not very attached to it and will often pop it out of your mouth and suck your thumb instead.

You are an absolute joy, and we are so thankful for you!

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