Wednesday, December 28, 2016


The week of Christmas, our tree died.  It was a traumatic experience for all involved, even Aniston, who, when asked on Tuesday if she was ready for Christmas, deadpanned, 'Our tree is dying.'

This started over the weekend, when we realized the tree had slowed its water consumption.  It was a tell-tale sign of bad things to come.  Ever the optimist, B insisted that it would be fine and could make it another week. By Sunday night, though, we decided that it was best not to turn on the lights because we're fairly smart people and no one wants to burn their house down with a Christmas tree.  I took all the stuff off the tree (ridiculous), B got the tree out of the house and put up the artificial tree, and I spent my first day of Christmas break redecorating said artificial tree (even more ridiculous).  While we were putting it up, though, I marveled at the ease of it all.  Three large pieces (snap, snap, snap), some fluffing, plugging in the pre-lit tree, and done.  Really, why don't we do this every year?

Once the tree was taken care of, I spent the rest of the week doing last-minute Christmas prep, which sounds nice and easy but is really a near-impossible task because, hello Harper.  But I persevered and by Friday, gifts were wrapped, cookies were made, and we were ready.

Our first Christmas celebration was on Christmas Eve's Eve, and the last was on Christmas night (which we ended up missing because of a fussy Harper who happened to finally decide to take a nap right before we needed to leave).  It's always a busy time, but we're blessed to have so much family.

By the time Christmas Eve rolled around, Aniston had been given a microphone, a bike, and a trampoline, among lots of other things, and Harper had just as much.  Who needs Santa when you have such awesome grandparents?! 

 Annual cousin picture at Mamaw and Papaw's.

This year, Aniston asked Santa for a tv, Legos, and a surprise.  On Christmas morning, she was thrilled with her surprise (a beanbag chair), her stocking stuff, and our gifts to her.  She didn't mention the tv at all!  When I finally asked her about it, she shrugged and told me she knew she was getting that--that's what she asked Santa for, after all.  Bless.  Harper understood the idea of presents this year, and had a great time ripping wrapping paper and pulling tissue paper from bags.

I don't have a lot of pictures because this year we did more videoing than picture-taking.  In fact, I only have one picture of the girls on Christmas morning.  I snapped it quickly in front of the tree before I had to change Harp's cute matching pajamas because of a diaper disaster.  Real life, friends.  Real life.

Now our house is full (when I thought we couldn't possibly get anymore toys in here), and so are our hearts.  It was a wonderful Christmas.

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