Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Harper: Six Months

 Oh, Harper.  You are six months old!  SIX MONTHS.  That's half a year, sweet girl.  How in the world did this happen so quickly?!  You are growing and changing by the minute, and I just want time to slow down--for both you and your sister. 

You weigh a little over 17 pounds, and are around 26 inches long.  (Your six month well check is on April 29.)  You're wearing mostly 3-6 month clothing.  You have a few 6-9 month things you can wear, but most of the pants are too long still.  You wear size 2 diapers. 

You rolled over for the first time this week (on March 14), and, of course, you were with Papa when you did.  He was so excited!  You rolled from back to front, and you've done so a few times for your daddy, but not for me yet.  You are able to sit up with assistance, but not by yourself yet.  You love to be up and looking around.  You hate to be rocked to sleep, and often won't go to sleep until we put you down by yourself. 

You love baby food, and have tried lots this month.  Green beans are your least favorite, and you like sweet potatoes the best.  You drink six ounces of formula every three hours--and you still like to stay on a very strict schedule with that! 

You are the happiest little thing.  You make a noise that's kind of like a laugh, but you haven't really laughed yet.  You love to babble, and you love when people talk to you.  You love watching Aniston, and keep a close eye on what she's doing. 

You are such a blessing, Harper Shea!  Happy half birthday!