Sunday, October 30, 2016

Catching Up

So.  I haven't blogged since August.  Not because there hasn't been anything going on--because, y'all, we have packed so much life into the last two months--but because who has time for that?  Since August, our weeks have been one big blur of work and school and life group and gymnastics and homework and at some point in there you also have to bathe and feed your children.  There's always a trade-off, something that there just isn't time for, and blogging has fallen into that category.  Which is sad, because I like it more than a lot of other things. 

Like bath time.  But I digress.

Here's the brief version of what has happened since August:

-Aniston started kindergarten.  I've wondered how that's possible, but try not to dwell because dwelling on it always ends up in me feeling empty inside and wondering if I've missed something, or what her voice sounded like at different ages, or realizing that I've forgotten when she met certain milestones.  It's a deep, dark hole, I tell you, complete with a little mommy guilt and doubting my sometimes less-than-stellar parenting moments.  But anyway.  Aniston is in kindergarten and she loves it, which is fabulous and makes my life a lot easier. 

-Aniston being in kindergarten means that she and I go to school together.  We're in my classroom together before the day begins, we're together after school while I finish my work, we come home together.   It's a lot of togetherness.  Which is good...some days.  Other days I find owl stickers stuck to my table.

-Harper turned one in September!  In true you're-the second-child fashion, I realized that I had forgotten to order her copy of Happy Birthday to You by Dr. Seuss...the same one I'd ordered for Aniston's first birthday and had everyone sign at the party.  Luckily, I realized it early in the week and fixed that problem with the help of Amazon Prime.  It got here in plenty of time, but when I flipped through the book I realized it had been put into the spine upside down.  I was pretty frustrated, but as it turns out, it didn't even matter because I forgot to put it out at Harper's party anyway.  I found it under a stack of mail the other day.  I think we'll keep it, upside-down and message-less as it is, because why not have a good story to take the place of a permanent, thoughtful keepsake? 

Harper's party was small and simple.  We invited immediate family and very close friends, and it may have been the most enjoyable birthday party I've ever thrown. 

And there you go.  I've summed up the last two months of my life with three bullet points, none of which are really about me.  Which should tell you something in itself.  Ha!