Friday, January 27, 2017

Five on Friday

1| Y'all, I haven't worked a full week since before Christmas.  First there was the New Years holiday, the next week we had snow, then the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday was last week, and we had a teacher workday this week.  I was a little excited about actually having a full week next week, then realized I'll be off on Friday because I'm going on a field trip to the circus with Aniston.  So, the streak continues.

2| Planning our Disney World trip may be the death of me.  What was going to be a simple trip for a few days has turned into a full week of Disney fun, complete with character dining reservations every night.  While I'm a Type A who needs every. little. thing planned, B is the complete opposite and would like to approach the trip with a "let's just go and have fun" attitude.  Uh, no.  I've got spreadsheets and lists and a schedule....and as I'm typing this, I'm almost a little embarrassed.  (Almost.)  I'm giving him the night we arrive and our first day in the park as free, unplanned days--no reservations, no big plans, no real schedule.  (Well, there's kind of a schedule, but...)

3| In planning this trip, we've realized that people who have minivans may be on to something.  But I'm not really willing to give up my car, and B isn't quite at the point of wanting to be a minivan dad, so strategic packing it is.

4| Have you tried the Walmart grocery pick up?  Let me tell you, it's life changing.  I hate Walmart anyway, so I was super excited when stores that weren't too far away started offering it.  Our local Walmart still doesn't (sadness), but the ones in Denver and Belmont do, and we're in those areas pretty regularly.  In case you're not familiar with the process, here's a quick rundown: 1) You choose your pickup date and time, 2) You order groceries online, 3) You go to the store at the appointed time, park in a designated spot, check in, and they bring your groceries out to your car.  Best. Thing. Ever.  Not only does it save time, it saves money, too, because there isn't an opportunity to pick up a million random things like one tends to do at Walmart or Target.  I'm definitely a fan.

5| It's Friday night, I'm already in my comfy clothes, and my big plan is to catch up on Grey's and Scandal as soon as the girls go to bed.  And I'm perfectly happy and content with that.  

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