Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Must List

In December, I read an article about making a "must" list.  As in, saying you MUST do something rather than you should do something or would like to do something.  The list was supposed to be made up of things that you felt would make you a better person, as well as things that just make you happy if they're done on a regular basis.  The general idea was that saying you must do something triggers a different response in your brain or something like that, and you're more likely to follow through with whatever you said you MUST do.

Since the new year was just days away at that point, I thought it sounded like a great idea.  Probably because it was a new kind of list and I love a good list.  I also tend to lean toward optimism instead of realism, so there's that, too.

So I sat down with my planner and my pen and made a list of my musts.

I must have quiet time with Jesus every day.
I must follow Weight Watchers faithfully rather than halfway doing it and hoping for divine intervention.
I must exercise at least three times a week.
I must write or blog every day.

Sadly, I must report that adding the word MUST to things I want/need to do didn't really change anything at all,  Surprising, right?

I have tried to do the first thing on my list, and that has worked out pretty well.  I'm reading the One Year Bible along with B, our life group, and our church and I've kept up with it for the most part.  I say "for the most part" because there was a day last week when I had to catch up on several days of reading, but I did it so I'm saying that it counts.  There's lots of accountability involved when you know your husband and life group will, at some point, ask about how the reading is going and so--confession--I'm doing better with daily Bible reading than I ever have before.  Because who wants to admit that it isn't even the end of January and they've already quit?  Not me, so I keep reading because the other option would be to lie, and I'm pretty sure that lying about reading the Bible probably shows that you've missed the whole point.  Accountability, friends.  It works.

Anyway, the rest of the list has been hit and miss, except for the blogging and the exercise, which have just been misses.

Which leads me to time.  Is there ever enough?

I'm thinking there isn't, but I'm also aware that maybe that has to do with some of my priorities being out of line.  As in, by the time the girls are in bed, I'd much rather sit on the couch and watch tv than get on the treadmill and sometimes I can't even put together a coherent sentence much less a blog post.

I should probably find accountability partners for everything on my must list.

Or throw the must list away altogether.

Either one would work,

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