Sunday, February 5, 2017

Not Like the Burritos

We started out our weekend by going on a field trip to the circus with Aniston on Friday morning. It's a little sad to believe this is the last time after so many years of Barnum and Bailey. (I think I feel that way just because it's so sad when something that has gone on for over a hundred years is suddenly no more.  Not because I'm a fan of the circus in general, because I'm not.  I enjoy it for the first thirty minutes or so, then I'm over it.)

After the circus, we signed Aniston out and headed to South Park because when you're that close to The Cheesecake Factory there's just an unwritten rule that you have to go.  We shopped for a bit, and, thanks to a Buy One Get One for $1 sale, Aniston managed to leave the Disney Store with the entire group of Lion Guard stuffed animals.

Because we needed more stuffed animals.  (Eye roll.)

On Saturday night, B played at Mi Pueblito's.  He normally starts at 9:30 there, but they called on Friday night and changed his start time to 8:00.  8:00 is reasonable (9:30 is no longer reasonable because, 1) I'm old, and 2) we have kids) so I decided to take the girls for a late dinner and listen for awhile.  My parents and Eric and Chelsea met me there.  Aside from the fact that taking Harper out to dinner lately is kind of like wrestling a wild animal and we had to clean a whole little cup of salsa off of her shirt, high chair cover, and out of her hair (sigh), we had a great time.

The best thing that happened this weekend just may have been the iced coffee B picked up at Sam's.   When he brought it home, I'll admit that I was skeptical because he's done this before.  He tries something at Sam's, thinks he likes it, and buys the enormous box or bag or whatever, only to never eat it.  We've had organic gummy bears (?), frozen tilapia (gag), and several other things, but none hold a candle to the burritos.  Right after we were married, he tried some sort of chicken burrito, thought they were convenient and great, and bought them.  He brought them home, tried one, and realized he'd made a mistake.  Not wanting to admit said mistake, the burritos stayed in our freezer...and stayed....and stayed.  Friends, when we moved into our new house two years later, we found those burritos still hanging out in the back of our freezer.

The point of that story is to prove that my skepticism was warranted.

I'm happy to report, though, that the coffee was not like the burritos.  It is SO good. Maybe too good, considering we've gone through nearly 96 ounces in two and a half days.  That's a bit embarrassing, and gives some insight into how much we depend of coffee in this house.

It may be a problem.

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