Saturday, February 18, 2017

A New Mattress and the Spa

We bought a new mattress last weekend.  It was time, since we'd pushed the "new every eight" guideline to the ten year mark.  We were pretty thrilled about it, and felt very grown up.

We're in our thirties and married with two kids, jobs, and a mortgage, and yet it takes things like buying a mattress to make us feel like adults.

Had it not been for us spending Saturday at the spa at Rock Barn with friends, it would have been the highlight of our weekend.  Y'all I have not been that relaxed in years.  Years. It was just the best day.  A day spent in the hot tub and mineral pool, chocolate covered strawberries, the best dinner ever, and adult conversation.  I only had to cut my own steak, I was able to eat my food while it was still warm, there were no diapers to change, or catastrophes to deal was amazing.  Sometimes as parents (mamas especially), we give and give and give. It was nice to have a day away with no responsibilities.

I was so excited to go to sleep that night because I thought it was going to be the best night of sleep ever, but that was so not the case.  I woke up around three because my legs were hurting so badly.  I couldn't figure out why, and I even went as far as to blame the new mattress before I realized that it was because of moving my legs constantly in the pool.  Not really swimming, just treading water or while sitting on the ledge.  


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