Monday, April 3, 2017

Disney World (2): Aniston's Birthday

When we decided to visit Disney World this year, we chose March based on weather and timing (not right after Christmas, not too close to third grade EOGs, etc.).  Once we settled on the month, we thought it would be fun to celebrate Aniston's sixth birthday there.

Our second day of park tickets was spent at the Magic Kingdom again.  We rode rides, met characters, and enjoyed our day.  We visited Gaston's Tavern where we had LeFou's brew (frozen apple juice with marshmallow creme and passion fruit) and a cinnamon roll.

I had made reservations for us to have lunch at Be Our Guest, the restaurant inside the Beast's castle. It was just magical.  There are three seating areas.  We sat in the grand ballroom beside the windows (as snow fell outside!), but made sure to visit the rose gallery and the Beast's west wing.  The attention to detail was amazing, and the food was delicious.  We tried The Master's Cupcake, which was topped with the grey stuff Lumiere sings about in the movie.  "Try the grey stuff, it's delicious!  Don't believe me, ask the dishes!"  It was a mousse-type icing.  Lumiere didn't lie--it really was good.

We returned to the hotel after lunch to let the girls (and, honestly, us too!) rest and to change for dinner.  We had reservations at Cinderella's Royal Table inside the castle for dinner.  This was the most amazing experience!  The girls wore princess dresses.  (I ordered them from the neatest shop in Texas.  They're comfortable--no itchy fabric--meant to be worn in the heat, and are well made.  They're also machine washable, which is awesome.)  We entered the castle, met Cinderella, then went up for dinner.  As we ate, princesses visited our table.  That night, the visiting princesses were Aurora, Ariel, Snow White, and Jasmine.  The girls LOVED it!  (And, truthfully, I think I loved it just as much.)  The girls both got wishing stars and wands.  We had a fantastic time!

All of the princesses were very nice, but Ariel was wonderful!  She spent a long time interacting with the girls.  On our trip, Harper learned the word, "no" and used it repeatedly with Ariel.  Once Ariel realized the answer to every question was going to be "no," she kept going.

Are you having fun? No.
Am I your favorite princess? No.
Are you a sweet girl? No.
...and so on.

Aniston just shook her head and told Ariel it was Harper's favorite word.  Of course, Aniston is learning that when you have a little sister like Harp, you just have to go with the flow.

Or spend a lot of time being embarrassed.

Harper and I watched the Wishes fireworks show at the front of the castle while B and Aniston saw it from the back as they waited in line for The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train again.  We were able to see Tinkerbell fly from the castle at the beginning of the show, and the fireworks were set to familiar Disney songs.  And then, Harper crashed.  Hard.

It was so funny to watch Aniston ride rides in her princess dress!  She went on a bigger roller coaster--Big Thunder Mountain Railroad--and loved it!  (Even though she said she could barely raise her arms on it--that's the way she judges how intense a ride is, if she can raise her arms or not. Ha!)

Throughout the day, Aniston declared several times that it was the best birthday ever!  I'm not sure we'll ever top this!


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