July 29, 2006--Married the love of my life

July 29, 2007--Happy One-Year Anniversary! Goodbye, Birth Control!

Lots of negative HPTs

August 2008--Still no baby. Diagnosed with PCOS.

September 2008--Started taking 1500mg of Metformin in hopes of ovulating

February 2009--Went to REACH for the first time. Added prednisone, letrozole, and ovidrel to the metformin.

March 2009--Pregnant! Due date 11/30/09.

April 8, 2009--Saw baby and heartbeat on ultrasound

April 22, 2009--Second ultrasound...Saw baby, but no heartbeat this time.

April 28, 2009--D&E

June 2009--Treatment cycle: failed

July 2009--Treatment cycle: failed

August 2009--Treatment cycle: failed

September 2009--Treatment cycle: failed

October 2009--Decided to take a break from REACH

February 2010--Started going to REACH again. Treatment cycle: failed

March 2010--Added Bravelle injections to the mix. First IUI. Treatment cycle: failed

April 2010--Same medications as above. Second IUI. Treatment cycle: failed

June 1, 2010--Had surgery to remove blockage from fallopian tubes.  Turns out, there was no blockage.

July 2010--Treatment cycle with metformin, spirinolactone, Bravelle, and Ovidrel.

August 5, 2010--Positive test! hCG=196. :)  :)  :)    

August 9, 2010--hCG=911.

August 12, 2010--hCG=3,000.  Due date 04/14/11!!!

March 25, 2011--Our sweet Aniston arrived!  6lbs 2oz, 19.5 inches.  We are so incredibly blessed!